Review of 2020

Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 12.01.20.

As events have unfolded since my last post, the oppressive quality of Saturn-Pluto has been ever more apparent, with unprecedented restrictions being imposed on all kinds of normal human behaviour in all types of societies, both “democratic” countries and those which are openly authoritarian. China, the most rigidly-controlled and monitored society on earth, is now held up as a role model by powerful people in the “democratic” Western world. At this time we ought to keep in mind that democracy is only about 100 years old in Britain. A large minority of people do not value it enough to bother voting, even when there is a clear choice between very different candidates and policies as in the 2019 General Election. The new UK Labour Party leader, Keir Starmer, thinks Johnson’s repressive measures don’t go far enough, and is focused on purging all radical elements from the Party, including even the previous Party Leader! Meanwhile the biggest radical movement in the UK, Extinction Rebellion, advocates the replacement of representative democracy by a randomly-selected “Citizens’ Assembly.” At present I think it’s doubtful whether democracy will survive another hundred years.

On this topic I recommend readers to check out the writings and videos of Paul Weston such as this

Paul focuses on the way history repeats itself, drawing parallels between Boris Johnson and Henry VIII, Brexit and the Dissolution of the Monasteries, Extinction Rebellion and the Children’s Crusade and other fanatical mass movements of the Middle Ages. All of his books are well worth reading.

As always one side of a transit evokes its opposite. Repression begets revolution, and we’re seeing this at levels not seen since the Poll Tax rebellion during the regime of Margaret Thatcher. In 2020 thousands of British people who had never in their lives been on a demonstration have taken part in demonstrations which the government had declared illegal, in the face of thousands of riot police. It was noticeable to me how diverse the demonstrators were compared to the usual young middle-class student types who are normally seen on demos. The anti-lockdown protestors were much more diverse in class, race, and regional origin.

Meanwhile in the digital world, there has been an unprecedented ramping up of censorship on all the main social media channels, attempting to suppress all dissident opinions and evidence regarding Covid. This included Facebook employees “fact-checking” and deleting Nobel-prize-winning scientists!

There is also the Black Lives Matter movement. You might see this as a rebellion against the ongoing oppression of former slaves by a system which still honours their former masters. Or you might see it as Saturn-dominated academics and internet provider companies repressing free speech, with the former middle class “rebels” now becoming the “establishment” while the working class remain as oppressed as ever. Both interpretations can be correct- the planets don’t care either way.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 05.04.20, 30.06.20, 12.11.20.

In my last post back in April I focused initially on the Plutonic intensification of Jupiter’s quality of generosity and optimism, but suggested that this might flip the other way as time goes on. This has definitely happened- the initial sense of togetherness has given way to a dreary, sullen, conformity as the devastation of social and economic life, education, and health care for anything except Covid, goes on and on. Jupiter’s recklessness has combined with Pluto’s ruthlessly destructive influence as the UK government attempts to keep the economy on life support by immense levels of borrowing.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius 21.12.20.

My predictions on this conjunction were wrong, which goes to show, as I’ve said previously, that astrology is a work in progress and we can learn as much from errors as from correct predictions. I had thought that Trump, with his immense self-confidence, would be empowered by this “can-do” transit to crush the lacklustre Joe Biden. But let’s face it, to anyone other than his fanatically-committed supporters, Trump is not Churchill, Roosevelt, John-Paul II, Thatcher, or even Ronald Reagan. His erratic quality and tendency to accumulate enemies through frequently dismissing and humiliating powerful subordinates, have all stored up trouble for him, plus which he’s a very divisive figure in an already very divided country. So maybe you do need more than just supreme confidence to ride the wave of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction? A certain amount of actual competence may be essential. Having said which, as far as millions of Americans are concerned Trump DID actually win, and was cheated of the Presidency by a huge conspiracy. I’ve not studied these allegations in enough detail to know what to believe. What interests me is that so many people do believe them, which is unprecedented. Certainly it looks like Trump will run again in 2024 if he is still fit enough- he’ll be no older than Biden is now, and I think he’ll have a good chance of winning a second term as Biden seems focused on the same futile and destructive Covid “elimination strategy” as most other Western governments.

I had also predicted that the ebullient Boris Johnson would profit from the Jupiter-Saturn transit. Despite his shambolic performance over Covid, he did pull off a Brexit deal at the last moment, to great acclaim from the Conservative-supporting media, just as the first mass vaccinations for Covid were beginning. Given the total ineffectiveness of the Labour opposition, I am confident that the Conservatives will win the next UK General Election, probably under Boris Johnson’s leadership unless he resigns for health reasons, in which case Rishi Sunak will succeed him and win an even more decisive victory.

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